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Sweet Wyrdness


Sweet:pleasing in general; delightful.

Wyrd: Fate, destiny

Welcome to Sweet Wyrdness! Where sweet is how you live and Wyrdness is what you were born with! Here at Sweet Wyrdness we believe in YOU! 

The Sweet Wyrdo!

The Sweet Wyrdo is an individual who does their best to live from their most connected and loving expressions! We know that bringing all that loving eclectic & eccentric energy into the world can be a lot...So we thought of you... and created eclectic beautiful Afro futuristic tribal art to surround and support you as you recharge, nourish and relax in your space, be it office, home or spaces in between. Come through embrace the vibe! check out our offerings made with love for love!

1breath! 1vybe ! 1trybe! SweetWyrdness have a home️